Ashford University Maritime Cyber Security Paper


Select a peer reviewed article that is focused on one of the following subject areas:

Port Security
Vulnerability of the Maritime Transportation Security (MTS)
Vulnerability to world shipping
Threats presented within the Maritime focused cyber space
Maritime cyber security
Treatment of longshoreman in developing countries
Resilience and Maritime Security

Include the following information:

Article name and author
Is there a research question that it clearly stated or implied? If so, what is it? Do you believe it is academically rigorous?
Is there a hypothesis or thesis or central argument that is clearly stated or implied? If so, what is it?
Does the Author answer the “So What?” Were you convinced that the study was worth doing?
Is the study unique in any way?
What are the main points of the article?
What kind of literature review is provided and/or what sources are cited? How well does it fulfill that purpose?
How well does the Author explain their method of collecting and analyzing data? Could you replicate the study based upon the article before you?
Is there any discussion of variables? Is so, how? Does the Author look at alternative points of view?
Do the study’s findings support the authors Goals or Thesis? How valid are they?
Does the conclusion follow from the evidence provided? Are you persuaded by it? Why or Why Not?
Does the Author address the implications of these results? If so, how comprehensively is this done?
Do you notice other strengths and limitations of this study?

Explanation & Answer:
5 pages



Maritime Transportation Security

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