Ashford University FOB Destination Transportation Discussion


Part 1 
Examine when a shipper should use FOB origination pricing and when they should use FOB destination pricing. 250 words 
Part 2  
Customers of global supply chains in the future will continue to demand faster supply chain delivery of their commodities and products. Speed—or total transit time through the supply chain—will continue to be a necessary factor for intermodal transport.

Discuss the competition within intermodal transportation. Things to think about strategies, the impact of regulation/deregulation, safety, and sustainability. 250 words 
Part 3 
When we look at transportation, most of the time we are just thinking about which mode to use and what the costs are going to be.  Have we ever thought how we are going to sustain our transportation and maintain it over time, internationally?  250 words 
Part 4 
This our last week we are going to wrap up our discussions with how transportation have changed throughout the years.  
How has the system of transportation evolved over the years?
What costs have changed and why have they changed?
What philosophies have guided its development? Have things been changing recently?
How is this system likely to evolve in the coming years? 

intermodal transportation


FOB origination pricing

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