ARE 106 NUS Economics R Studio Worksheet


Economics R studio questions attached. 
The brief also attached.
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Please uplaod the answer and the R file.

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Department of Ag and Resource Economics
UC Davis
ARE 106 Homework 4
Winter 2022
DUE: 11:59pm Monday, February 28
Late homeworks will automatically be given a score of zero.
Completing your homework requires two submissions on Canvas.
1. You must answer the questions in the quiz named “Homework 3 (Answer
2. You must upload a file continuing information from your R session in the
assignment named “Homework 3 (Upload R file)”. This file can be any one of the
following two items
a. Copy the results from the R Studio Console window and paste into a text
or word file. See the file “Homework1_AK_R.txt” for an example from
Homework 1.
b. An R script file with comments describing how to get quiz answers from
script results. See the file “Homework1_AK_R.docx” for an example from
Homework 1. 1
No screenshots allowed this time.
Command to read data into R:
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Explanation & Answer:
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