Analyze the statements. Statement 1: The working-through process…

Question Answered step-by-step Analyze the statements. Statement 1: The working-through process… Analyze the statements. Statement 1: The working-through process consists of repetitive and elaborate explorations of unconscious material and defenses, most of which originated in early childhood. Statement 2: Psychoanalysis provides therapists with a conceptual framework for looking at behavior and understanding the origins and functions of present symptoms. *• Both statements are correct.• Both statements are incorrect.• Statement 1 is correct.• Statement 2 is correct.  All of the following are true about a therapist’s countertransference reactions except: *• Countertransference can provide a rich understanding of the client’s experience.• Countertransference has the potential to interfere with effective treatment.• Countertransference should be carefully monitored by the therapist• Countertransference reactions are the weakest source of data for understanding the world of the client since they are so biased.  In order to meet the goals of psychoanalytic treatment, Rhonda must help her eating disordered clients to: *• increase their support networks and develop social interest.• replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk.• make use of programs such as Weight Watchers or the Atkins diet plan.• reduce their symptoms and resolve their internal conflicts. The concept of resistance can best be described as: *• everything that prevents a client from producing unconscious material.• that which needs to be analyzed and interpreted.• an unwillingness to freely share with the analyst certain thoughts and feelings.• an inevitable part of psychoanalytic therapy.• all of these . A major characteristic of the classical psychoanalytic therapist is: *• openness and self-disclosure.• a deeply personal and sharing relationship.• a focus on specific behavior and an objective appraisal of learned patterns of behavior.• a sense of being anonymous Psychoanalytic therapy is oriented toward: *• identifying and experiencing feelings and memories.• reconstructing childhood experiences.• developing an in-depth self-understanding.• achieving insight.• all of these  Which of the following statements is true about the relationship a client has with his or her analyst? *• The analyst is free to engage in spontaneous self-expression if a client makes an erroneous comment.• The client is free to express any idea or feeling as long as it is not scandalous.• The client is encouraged to use solution talk and avoid talking about problems.• The client is free to express any idea or feeling, no matter how irresponsible, scandalous, politically incorrect, selfish, or infantile. for 44 to 45:choose from among the basic processes of Psychotherapy as applied in a clinic EXPERIENCING FEELINGS, BEING ACCEPTED BY OTHER,EXPANDING SELF-CONCEPT, LEARNING NEW BEHAVIOR  44. “The word which heals cannot be spoken by oneself.” *45. It is normally expected for males to be stronger and to feign tears. Thus, some may end up repressing. It is then imperative for therapy to include and explore what may go beyond societal norms. *46. Of these basic processes, which is closest to the outcome objective of Psychotherapy? *  Social Science Psychology PSYCHOLOGY 115 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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