ACTION ITEM: Watch this video about the Accuracy of Personality…

Question Answered step-by-step ACTION ITEM: Watch this video about the Accuracy of Personality… ACTION ITEM: Watch this video about the Accuracy of Personality Tests (12 mins) ( ITEM:  Watch this video about Carl Jung’s Theory on Introverts & Extroverts ( (7 mins).Now, let’s have some fun and take a personality test!ACTION ITEM: Visit the Big Five Project website ( and take the test.  When you get your results, take a screenshot.  Alternatively, you can copy the URL of the results page.  Either way, you’ll need to include the screenshot or the URL link with your write up so that I can view your results.REACTION PAPER: For the write up, give each dimension one small paragraph that explains:How you scored on that dimension (e.g. low, average, high, etc.)What that score means (the results page will provide the explanation for your scores)Whether or not you agree with the results (and why).  Self-reflect and give examples to explain why you agree or not.Below is an example paragraph for ONE dimension.  You would follow this format for all 5 dimensions.Sample Paragraph:For the Extraversion dimension, my score was on the low end (22nd percentile), which means I am more introverted, reserved, inhibited, and quiet.  And, I tend to shy away from social situations. I completely agree with my score on this dimension because I have always stayed away from large groups, preferring to hang with just a couple friends instead.  And, it takes me awhile to get close to people.  But, once I let someone in, they will be in my inner circle for life.  Also, I get overstimulated when I’m surrounded by too many people, too much noise, etc.  I prefer time alone, a quiet/calm environment, and being with nature to charge my batteries.  For these reasons, I completely agree with my score on this dimension. Tip #1: Your write up should be 500-700 words. 5 Paragraphs Total (one paragraph for each dimension).Tip #2: Correct any spelling/grammar errors.Tip #3: Don’t forget to include your screenshot or URL link at the top of the page.Tip #4: Submit by the due date.Late Policy: You have a one-week grace period for turning these in late (with a 5-point deduction). Submissions will not be accepted after the grace period. I also drop the lowest grade in case you need to skip one.   Social Science Psychology PSY 2012 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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