27107.1 Part I: Cancer 1. two (2) common types of childhood cancer….

Question Answered step-by-step 27107.1 Part I: Cancer 1. two (2) common types of childhood cancer…. 27107.1Part I: Cancer1.  two (2) common types of childhood cancer.2.  how chemotherapy and radiation are used in pediatric cancer patients.3.  two  side effects of chemotherapy and how the nurse should manage them.4. Why is it important to prevent infections in pediatric cancer patients? Explain the answer.5.  nursing management for the child with cancer who presents with fever and neutropenia.6. the most recent statistics on childhood cancer in Puerto Rico. Has it increased or decreased compared to the last 3 years? 7. What psychosocial impact can childhood cancer represent for the child and her family? What strategies would you use to manage this impact? Part II: Infectious Diseases1. Presents the incubation period and treatment for the following diseases:       chickenpox       whooping cough2. one nursing intervention for each of the following diagnoses. Includes the rational.       scarlet fever       parasite       measles       mumps3. two signs and symptoms for the following diagnoses:       mononucleosis       poliomyelitis4. What is the importance of the nursing professional in education and prevention regarding infectious and contagious processes?5. What is the most important nursing intervention in the management of a patient with an infectious process? Why? Health Science Science Nursing ENFERMERIA NURSE 2710 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)