15) Political nationalism emphasizes shared history and cultural…

Question Answered step-by-step 15) Political nationalism emphasizes shared history and cultural… 15)Political nationalism emphasizes shared history and cultural heritageGroup of answer choicesTrueFalse Question16 ________ skills include the capability to organize small and large events and communicate effectively with various stakeholders including members, the public, and the mass media.Group of answer choicesSocialCulturalCivicCommunity Question 17________ describes belonging to a group or category of people that are bound together by common ties of national tradition, language, or cultural heritage.Group of answer choicesIdeologyNationalityRaceEthnicity Question 18Research highlights the relevance of social ________ in motivating citizens to participate and join social movements.Group of answer choicesgroupsstructuresnetworksmovements Question 19A person or a group socially constructed as an Other is usually considered by the society as:Group of answer choicesinferiorsocially desirablesuperiorpositive Question 20________ is used to study how racialized (or ethnic) socialization contributes to the formation of identities and conflicts between racialized and ethnic groups.Group of answer choicesSymbolic interactionismStructural functionalismSocial constructionismConflict theoryQuestion 21Social movements are often characterized by group action or ________ behaviour.Group of answer choicescollectivedisruptiveindividualisticpeaceful Question 22Gaining the right for women to vote was the main objective of women’s suffrage movement.Group of answer choicesTrueFalse Question 23It is believed that younger, better educated individuals who are interested in politics are more likely to be asked to protest, as are students.Group of answer choicesTrueFalse Question 24Even social movements that have decentralized structures still have ways to facilitate ________ and to help members coordinate.Group of answer choicesorderdiscussionorganizationcommunication Question 25________ theory argues that most social movements result from power imbalances and a need to re-establish a new social system that is more egalitarian for all social groups.Group of answer choicesSymbolic interactionistStructuralConflictFunctionalist Question 26Genocide differs from other crimes mostly in that it…:Group of answer choicesdoes not target specific social groupsis completely randomis organized and targetedis impossible to predictQuestion 27____________ claims that modern nations were constructed based on “invented tradition”.Group of answer choicesEric HobsbawmRogers BrubakerCraig CalhounAnthony D. Smith Question 28________ emphasizes, exaggerates, and distorts characteristics, features, and cultures of people and cultures from Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East and compares their characteristics to that of EuropeansGroup of answer choicesOrientalismElitismCode-switchingPost-colonialism Social Science Sociology SOCI 1111 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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