1. The cause of magnetism is __________ a. none of these other…

Question Answered step-by-step 1. The cause of magnetism is __________ a. none of these other… 1. The cause of magnetism is __________ a.none of these other answers  b.spinning neutrons  c.magnetic charge  d.electrical charge movement  2. If an electrical current is moving vertically (upward) on a wire, the magnetic field is: a.circling around the wire counter-clockwise  b.radiating outward from the wire  c.none of the other answers  d.radiating inward into the wire 3. Most materials are magnetic if they are subjected to the right conditions True False4. A moving electron ___________ in a magnetic field. a.speeds up in its direction of motion  b.is not affected  c.is accelerated perpendicluar to its direction of motion  d.slows down in its direction of motion 5. The Earth’s magnetic field is generated by ______________ a.the Coriolis effect  b.the outer liquid core in the Earth  c.The inner solid core in the Earth  d.the charged particles moving in the Ionosphere 6. If two electrons in an atom are spinning in the same direction near each other __________ a.the magnetic field is stronger  b.the magnetic field is neutralized  c.they cancel each other out  d.they make a magnetic monopole   Science Physics SCI 113 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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